was previously used to sell Chanel replica handbags and Chanel replica wallets but as the result of legal action taken by Chanel the domain name was transferred from its previous owners to prevent them from continuing to use it to sell replicas. Additionally, the previous owners of were ordered to pay Chanel over $864,000.00 in damages.

The Impact of Replica Handbags on the American Economy

One of the worst things about the counterfeiting underground is the impact it has on the economy. Replica Chanel handbags and replica Chanel wallets can dig deeply into tax revenues, cost Americans hundreds of thousands of jobs each year, and even impact trade relations with other countries. The result is a major strain on both local and federal government and workers around the nation.

How Workers Are Affected

Replica handbags, first and foremost, affect workers in the industry. The major designers use thousands of dedicated workers every year to craft their products carefully by hand. It goes even further though. Many times, the people who buy replica handbags would otherwise be buying more affordable bags without designer labels. So, it affects department stores and their brands, reducing employment in both the factories and the retail outlets.

The Impact on Tax Revenue

Beyond the number of workers that may be in danger of losing their jobs due to counterfeiting, there is also a very real impact on tax revenue. Every replica handbag that is sold represents tax revenue not being collected by the local or state government. Sales tax, business tax, and commerce revenue are all negated by illicit activities that almost never report income.

This has a big impact on everything from the quality of our schools to the structural integrity of our roads and hospitals. For every lost dollar in tax revenue, your local government is left with less money to cover services you use on a regular basis.

Trade Relations

Counterfeiting puts a heavy strain on relationships between countries that trade goods like handbags or accessories. The heightened security and regulations make it harder for some smaller companies to export or import goods, putting a strain both on our local economies and those of cities and countries overseas.

Avoiding Chanel Replica Handbags at All Costs

While replica Chanel handbags and wallets represent a fraction of the total counterfeit goods each year, they still have a major impact on the economies of numerous countries throughout the world. What’s more, they directly affect how you live your life and what your community can afford to pay for. When you buy Chanel replica handbags, you could be contributing to the loss of American jobs, a drop in quality for local services, major cuts in what your children will have access to and poor living conditions overseas. In short, buying replica handbags is not nearly the innocuous thing you once thought it was. This is something that directly affects real people everywhere.