was previously used to sell Chanel replica handbags and Chanel replica wallets but as the result of legal action taken by Chanel the domain name was transferred from its previous owners to prevent them from continuing to use it to sell replicas. Additionally, the previous owners of were ordered to pay Chanel over $864,000.00 in damages.

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Among the items offered in’s “Chanel Replica Handbags” and “Replica Chanel” sections were a “CHANEL 48001 pink(48001)” offered for $275.00, a “Chanel Cambon Large…(68038)” offered for $288.00, a “Chanel silver(68015-02)” offered for $296.00 and a “Chanel large damier…(A35934)” offered for $229.00. The charge for shipping on these items for both retail and wholesale customers was 10 USD and would be sent via UPS or EMS Express Courier.Chanel Replica

Within the frequently asked questions section of the site it was claimed that “ does offer a replica bag that is 99% similar to the authentic bags.” This claim was quickly disproven though upon an examination of the bags that they were selling which were different from genuine Chanel bags both in the materials they were made from and in the methods of their construction.